Investigational Device

Join our pilot with BC Children's Hospital

The goal of this page is to let you know about a pilot study involving patients with T1D, which is running in our clinic at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH).

This study tests whether a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) and a new app (self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose) called DOCTO can be used to predict a person’s blood sugar (glycemic) variability better than the current glucose monitoring system. You will be asked to come in for a study visit two times, and the complete study will take about 60 days or two months to complete.

Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages for more information regarding the study. You or your child may be eligible to take part in this study if you or your child are between 6 – 18 years of age and have T1D.

Should you be interested in participating in this study, please feel free to contact Dr. Dina Panagiotopoulos at BCCH at 604-875-2345  ext. 4801. Or, you can use the contact form below.